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Younger Internet Users Prioritize Video-Streaming and Messaging Apps

Jill Van Nostran Digital Strategy

According to a new report out last week from App Annie, knowing how your key audiences interact with mobile apps can give you a significant advantage in reaching them there.

Mobile apps are instrumental for helping people find answers, information, connection, hope in important moments that matter. Although that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with demographics, but much to do with what people are searching for in important moments—demographics are still useful in gauging overall trends.

The report states that Internet users aged 13 to 24 engaged with video streaming apps the most and also rely heavily on messaging apps like WhatsApp. Among this age group, users used 3.5 times more data in apps than users aged 45+.

In 2015, the share of time 13–24 year-olds spent in the top 5 video streaming apps on Android phones was over double that of those aged 45+. 13–24 year-olds also accessed these apps more than 4 times as frequently in an average day.

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By contrast, people in the 45+ age group are more likely to use apps that behave similarly to desktop functions. In 2015, Android smartphone users aged 45+ spent a higher share of their time in the top 5 mobile browsers than any other age group. They also spent a greater share of their overall app usage time in the top 5 email apps on Android, and significantly less time in the top 5 messaging apps.

Though App Annie’s report looks at just Android smartphone users in the U.S. in 2014 and 2015, you can surmise that the larger trends would hold if iOS users across the globe were also included.

Other finding’s from the report include:

  • Although younger app users lead in engagement, they engage in frequent, shorter sessions.
  • 25–44 year-olds spent the most time in the top 5 retail apps on Android smartphones, and accessed them most frequently.
On average, 13–24 year olds consume nearly 3.5 times more data in video streaming & messaging apps than those aged 45+. People 45+ are more likely to use apps that are similar to desktop functions, like web browsers and email.

The report’s key takeaways show organizations how they can use apps to communicate best with each age group. Consider how your Christian company is leveraging your mobile app and digital content to reach various age segments:

13 to 24-Year-Old App Users

  • People in this group tend to have shorter, more frequent sessions. Design your app to remove barriers, streamline communications and leverage their ability to navigate apps intuitively.
  • Offer a variety of digital content that can be effective over short sessions.

25 to 44-Year-Old App Users

  • People in this group tend to have more purchase power, according to App Annie.
  • They also tend to access the top 5 retail apps most often. Know that the 13 to 24-year-old age segment will soon move into this bracket.

45 and Older App Users

  • According to the report, people in this age group tend to access apps less frequently, but engage with them for longer sessions.
  • This age group may prefer apps that are more similar to the traditional web / desktop experience.

The key takeaway is to gain an understanding of how the target audience for your Christian company prefers to interact with digital content and mobile apps. Make sure your app can be found by your audience and effectively engages them in the moments that matter.

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