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On Mission: Why Digital Marketing Matters for Christian Organizations

Jill Van Nostran Digital Strategy

Should it matter whether or not your Christian organization has a digital marketing strategy? Is that word—marketing—even a bit off putting? Should marketing be reserved only for big-budget corporations?

Whatever semantics your Christian organization uses, if you have a website, if you’re creating any kind of content and distributing it to people, if you have an email newsletter, if you share content via social media, you’re marketing.

And it’s a good thing.

Jesus made the mission clear: “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). We don’t have a lot of time to do that. He also made it clear: He will return soon (Matthew 24:44).

In addition, it’s a critical time in our world. People are hurting, suffering, dying. Everyday.

We have to get people to Jesus. We have to give people hope. Now.

Whether your Christian organization is a major corporation, a non profit or a church, you exist to give people hope. Even if your company sells products or services, you give hope indirectly through excellent customer service, great products or perhaps just by simplifying your customers’ lives. Giving people an excellent experience draws them in, engages them. Mission-focused organizations make champions, not just “customers.”

And the mission is too important to just hope we get it right. We need a plan—a plan to meet people where they’re at and in the moments when they have the greatest need.

In other words, most people use the Internet and mostly via mobile device.

The data show that people are researching products and services to buy, to be more informed about the world, to stay connected. People are looking for hope.

Get a digital marketing strategy in place for your Christian organization that meets people where they’re at online. Get found so you can give hope.

We have to get people to Jesus. We have to give people hope. Now.

Having a solid Christian digital marketing strategy means knowing your key customer(s). Who is your donor, your member, your visitor, your customer, your client, the person you serve? What are their pain points? What do they need? What do they relate to? What is their greatest challenge? What are they searching for?

People are searching for answers, information, connection, hope. They are searching for these things in the moments they need them most.

According to think with Google, people turn to their smartphones to search Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or their email in their I-want-to-know (curiosity), I-want-to-go (“near me” searches), I-want-to-buy (mobile-assisted in-store purchases) and I-want-to-do (“how to” searches) micro-moments. These intent-filled moments are called micro-moments. Your best chance for reaching people is in these micro-moments.

When your audience—your customer—has an immediate want or need, and they turn to their mobile device for answers, they need to find you there, at the ready, with the information, connections, hope they are trying to find.


Be there. Show up. Be found.

  • Create YouTube videos
  • Create super useful webpage content
  • Create an engaging, informative Facebook page
  • Create an inspiring and educational Instagram feed
  • Create better search engine results for your Christian organization by publishing better, more useful content
  • Create friction-free areas of your website that make it easy for people to sign up or buy—no hassles whatsoever
  • Create awesome sponsored social media posts

Yet an effective Christian digital marketing strategy doesn’t stop at just getting found. The answers, information, connections, hope you offer needs to be so valuable that people will return to you for more.

This means having a deep understanding for your value proposition. How is your organization completely unlike any other organization? What do you do that is totally unique? Why should your customer turn to you for answers, information, connection, hope?

Know your value proposition. Give value. Be useful. Give hope. Provide tangible answers, solutions, ways to simplify someone’s life through:

  • How-to videos
  • Personal stories
  • Tips
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Email marketing

Who is your Christian ministry or Christian business trying to reach? What are their biggest questions, needs, problems? How can you meet people in the exact moment when they’re looking for answers? How can you superbly offer so much value and usefulness in those moments that they return to you again?

If we are going to get people to Jesus and give hope, having a digital marketing strategy for our Christian organizations—a plan—is a good and smart thing to do.

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