Image - There Is More to Digital Communications than Social Media

There Is More to Digital Communications than Social Media

Jill Van Nostran Digital Strategy

I’ve noticed something interesting. Church communicators and non-profit marketers really love social media.

Who doesn’t? After all, it works. Data shows that it does (see here or here).

Many are stretched for resources—both people and budget resources—so I can appreciate that when it comes to outreach, social media might be low-hanging fruit. I get that.


However, I worry that there is a disproportionate level of emphasis on social media posting.

I hear so many questions among church communicators and non-profit digital marketers like, “Which social media graphic is best for this content?” “When should I post on social media?” “Should I post about this topic?” “How do I handle someone’s comments on my page?”

All important questions, to be sure.

But what digital communicators and marketers really should be concerned about is a larger digital strategy from which all comms and marketing activities flow.

A strategy that lays out a plan for how teams will meet the church’s or non-profit organization’s goals can provide clarity, direction and focus digital communications and marketing teams on the bigger mission.

A strategy helps reduce distractions on marketing and communications activities that don’t have a meaningful impact on larger organizational goals or mission.

A strategy also encourages teams to measure their efforts in order to know which ones work and which ones don’t.

I wish I heard more church and non-profit digital communications and marketing pros asking questions like these and earnestly addressing them:

What are we trying to accomplish in our digital communications and marketing?

Where are our audiences online?

How can we innovate in our use of digital tools and channels to more effectively reach people?

What do we want people to do? Are we making that clear to them?

How will we measure if we’ve succeeded?

Which of our efforts or channels are not working? What might be broken? Do we know why?

How can we fix what’s broken? If we can’t fix it, how do we stop it?

This kind of plan would help teams focus on the bigger picture—why we’re doing what we’re doing.

We might find that other areas of digital communications might have powerful and effective results in accomplishing our mission.

Though social media is uber important, can we make sure we are staying focused on moving people toward action?

I get that time is always at a premium. So are resources. I say this genuinely—I’m willing to do a call and offer advice if your church or organization needs help creating a digital strategy. Please reach out to me here.

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