Digital Communications & Marketing Consulting *Booked for 2019*

Get ongoing digital communications and marketing strategy and support for your church, ministry or faith-based organization.

Not booking for 2019
  • Get A Strategic Plan

    Although each engagement is unique, we typically will conduct several strategic planning sessions with you and key leaders in your organization. The outcome is a strategic plan that details specific goals, strategies and tactics to help solve your organization’s biggest digital communications challenges. 

  • Ongoing Support and Counsel

    We work closely with you to implement the strategic plan. This could include (but is not limited to) content marketing, SEO, analytics, social media strategy and even re-adjusting the work of your communications team so it better aligns with organizational goals.

  • Analyze Results

    Each month, we leverage insights from Google Analytics to make recommendations, evaluate results and if necessary, adjust work in order to achieve your organization’s goals. With each monthly (or twice-monthly) consultation, you will receive a summary of key results.

Custom consulting is conducted by the project or monthly retainer. Investment varies according to each organization’s specific communications and marketing needs.

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