Online Strategy for Christian Organizations


Having a good online strategy is like giving your friends a compass:
It helps them navigate to you.

Though Google and social media have revolutionized how we find things online, your digital presence still must act like a compass in order to attract an audience.

How do people find your website? Does your mobile app give people a great experience? Do your online interactions with people inspire them to action?

% Research Online Before Making A Decision
% Of People Only Stay On Page 1 of Search Results

Digital Strategy Areas of Focus

MissionFound specializes in the following areas of focus (and more):

Strategic Planning

Understand your audience, their pain points, how they’re searching online for answers and how you can reach—and communicate with—them.


Optimize your website so search engines will find it to be healthy, relevant and useable and therefore rank it higher in search results.

Inbound Marketing

Attract people to your website by making it easy to find and desirable to interact with when they search online for ministries like yours.

Website Development

Create a website that can do three things well: speak to your primary audience’s needs, given them a good experience and play nice with Google.

Online Audit

Examine the health, performance and messaging of your website, mobile app and social and digital properties and boost their capabilities.


Power your communications to better reach an increasingly mobile audience. Optimize your site, email marketing and reach for mobile.