Online Content for Christian Organizations

Though many factors play a role in how people find and engage with your organization, product, event or campaign online, the most important factor is content. 

Your content is fuel to Google’s fire. It helps people find your organization. It also inspires and influences your audience.

Is your organization already creating content in some form? Is your content easily found online? Does your content and media answer your audience’s questions or address their needs?

% say relevant content is the most effective for search engine optimization
% of people feel better about organizations that have a blog

Digital Content for Christian-based Organizations

Whether you’re re-using content you’ve already created, or creating new digital content and media for your organization, consider the following few ways to present it online:


Long-form content that answers your audience’s specific questions is the most effective tool in driving more hits to your website—and creating important brand awareness.


E-books can help your audience understand more about a specific subject and inspire people to action.


Whether it’s livestreaming an event via your website or via Periscope, or simply creating video that highlights your organization’s work, video can have a powerful impact.


Podcasts connect with audiences in a way no other media can and on subscribers’ terms. Listeners benefit from the connection offered by the human voice and the ability to listen where and when it’s most convenient.

Social Media

Having an active social media presence is highly important for engaging people, promoting your content and helping people find you.


When people in your tribe give you permission to email them, take that privilege seriously. Give them so much value in your emails to them that they’ll never want to unsubscribe. Use email to create champions.


Data show that imagery garners the most social media shares and website hits. Graphics that appeal to your audience’s emotions can inspire people to visit your site and share your content.


People may not recall statistics, but they remember stories. Making your audience the hero of your story can help people remember your organization and its work.

User-Generated Content

Encourage and reward your tribe for creating content on your behalf. Make it easy for your audience to post online about your organization.

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