Online Analytics for Christian Organizations


Unpacking the online analytics for your Christian-based organization can reveal which parts of your digital strategy are working and which aren’t.

But maybe you feel like you’re guessing at how well your website is performing its job. Or you’re not sure how your social media analytics tie in with your website analytics. Perhaps analytics all together overwhelms you, not knowing what it all means.

By learning even a few key metrics, you can better understand: Where can you stop outreach that isn’t working? Where can you be more effective in positioning and communications? How can you better engage people and give them hope?

Metrics That Matter

There is no shortage of metrics to measure when it comes to engaging people online. Here are a few online analytics for Christian organizations that really matter:

How Visitors Arrive

Whether they arrive by Google search, Facebook, email newsletter or a media placement, this can tell you what parts of your outreach work best.

Where Your Visitors Go

Wherever visitors hang out most on your site or app can tell you which parts of your content work best.

Why Visitors Bounce

The point at which visitors leave or
bounce from your site or app offers insight that something isn’t working.

Whether They Convert

Do visitors subscribe to your newsletter or download your app? Do they take the actions you’ve asked them to take on your site?

What Visitors Find

Can they find you at all? What does your site look like in search results? Do people feel compelled to click?

Whether There Are Errors

Is your site talking to Google? Is Google talking back? This communication can reveal if your site has errors that prevents it from showing up in search.

Need help unpacking your organization’s digital analytics?