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Names Over Numbers: Why Digital Analytics Is Necessary for Christian Organizations

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Digital analytics (and the digital strategy that can result from the insights afforded by analytics) is a highly powerful tool for Christian organizations.

Though of course accomplishing the organization’s mission is the highest priority, it can be accomplished much more effectively when a strong digital strategy born out of on-point analytics is put into place.

If yours is a humanitarian organization providing aid to families fleeing war, nonprofit rescuing children from sex trafficking, a church serving the local community, a media company producing content that encourages and inspires, a corporation that, through serving your audience’s physical needs you are also ministering to their spiritual needs, you need to first know how you can be effective at your mission.

Analytics can remove digital blind spots and give your Christian organization much-needed insights in order to be effective.

This is a powerful thing. And digital analytics insights really shouldn’t be consider a “nice to have”—it’s a must.

Digital analytics can show your Christian organization:

On a tactical level –
Whether processes on your site are broken
Whether you’re growing, digitally and as an organization
What marketing channels aren’t working—and stop wasting money on them
What marketing channels do work—and spend more money there
Which pages of your website are effective (and which aren’t)

On a strategic level –
What path people take through your website that causes them to convert (or take action)

Which digital marketing channels are effective in drawing monthly support and how can you maximize the effectiveness of those channels

Where your strongest supporters are located so you can target more campaigns to those areas

What people search for on your site so you can create better content around those topics—and more effectively direct people quickly to that content

Where people leave your site—or where they abandon your shopping cart—and why so you can fix the problem

How many people are signing up—for a newsletter, for events, to be an advocate, to be a volunteer, to be a monthly donor and more

Which pages on your site are most-visited and most effective in getting people to convert—or take action—and how you can better promote those pages

Which pages on your site are least effective and have high bounce rates

On a human level (what really matters) –
Once you understand the numbers, you can better serve the names they represent. The data from digital analytics represents people— where they’re coming from, what they’re searching for, what they want, what they need.

Your organization can operate without analytics, but you will have a blind spot into which of your efforts work and which don’t.

This wastes money and people’s time. We don’t have a lot of either in today’s world.

When Christian organizations leverage data from analytics, they can maximize the effectiveness of their work, their time and their money.

Absolutely, people over profit, and names over numbers. This is exactly why digital analytics is necessary.

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