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Metrics That Matter: Measuring Your Ministry’s Digital Impact

Jill Van Nostran Analytics

Why should Christian organizations use web and social analytics?

There is too much at stake to just hope we accomplish what Jesus has tasked us to do. People want hope, and we can give them that. But we have to gauge how effective we are at giving them hope.

People matter. Time matters. How we use financial resources entrusted to us by the Lord matters.

This is why it’s important to determine whether or not digital areas we’ve invested in are impactful. Metrics indicate which parts of your ministry’s digital impact works and which don’t.

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People matter. They want hope, and we can give them that. But we have to gauge how effective we are.
  • How do people arrive at your website or app? This indicates how well your content strategy, your content marketing, is working.
  • Where do people go once they’re there? This indicates their content preferences as well as how well you’ve architected the flow and experience of your site.
  • Did people leave as soon as they arrived? This could indicate that either people got what they needed on the page at which they arrived, or it could indicate they didn’t like what they saw at all and left.
  • Is Google reporting many crawl or URL errors with your website? This could indicate some serious issues with your website.

Remember that metrics in and of themselves are just indicators. A social follow doesn’t mean that someone necessarily engages with you or even endorses you. Pageviews don’t mean your content is being viewed a lot (or little).

Dig deeper into the analytics (Google Analytics is a good place to start) and understand who has engaged with your website, mobile app or social channels, how they engaged and how they arrived.

A good understanding of these things will help you better know what types of digital content and online experiences people enjoy best so that you can create the content and experiences that get people to Jesus and give hope best.

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