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How to Use Digital Content Marketing to Engage Your Christian Audience

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Aside from one-on-one conversation, creating and promoting digital content is one of the most effective ways to engage people today. If you’re trying to reach people all over the world—even just your city—digital content marketing can deeply engage your Christian audience.

People today tend to ignore or just flat-out shut off traditional marketing. How many times have you fast forwarded through commercials on your DVR or tossed that direct-mail piece in the trash after only a glance?

One particularly effective method for engaging your Christian audience is to make them a champion of your story. Whether your “customer” is a church member, ministry donor or more, give them a platform to create content for you—to share their experience with your organization.

In a sense, their content is also a review of your ministry.

Here are a few examples of how consumer brands have successfully leveraged “user-generated content” in their digital content marketing strategy:

Lego + Belkin
Lego and Belkin teamed up to create a Lego iPhone case that people could customize. They asked customers to show off their creations by uploading a picture to Instagram and tagging it #LegoxBelkin.


GoPro created an entire channel on their website specifically devoted to its customers’ videos that were created using GoPro cameras.


Search Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter for #TargetDoesItAgain. You’ll see a host of posts from people using this hashtag to show off recent purchases from Target.


As people share their experiences—their stories—about these products with which they identify, they also tell the brands’ stories.

Though these are examples from major brands, you can do similar things with your Christian organization.

If you’re a church, devote a special section of your website to pictures or video from your members attending your services and events. Link to it from your home page so website visitors can get to it quickly.

If you’re a non-profit, ask volunteers to show off pictures of themselves working with your ministry. If they’re a donor, perhaps ask them to shoot a 10-second video using their smartphone telling why they chose to donate to your organization. Give them a special hashtag to use so people can easily find these posts on Instagram or Facebook.

If you’re a for-profit, ask people to show the world how your product or service helped them have fun or get healthy or be efficient or whatever you’re helping them to do. Again, give them a special hashtag so people can find these posts easily.

Take it a step further and make sure you’re heavily promoting this user-generated content. Make it a campaign. You could even turn it into a contest. Have fun and leverage digital content marketing to make champions of your audience!

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