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How to Set Your 2018 Church Communications Budget

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It’s November, and that means it’s time to set your church communications budget—if you haven’t already.

You may have questions about what you should include in your church communications budget. The first place to start when creating a communications budget is to know what your organization must accomplish in the coming year. This means creating a communications strategy so you have a solid plan for your vision and goals.

Once you know what you must accomplish, then you can know what you should include in your church communications budget.

Below are the top church communications channels you should consider including in your budget:

1) Digital Advertising
Paid social media (Facebook, Instagram ads) for each major event
PPC (pay-per-click ads on Google)

2) Digital Media
Updates and custom development
Domain registration
Privacy protection
Content creation
SEO (search engine optimization)
Marketing technology—like project management software, form software, marketing automation, photo storage
Mobile App
Podcast equipment
Streaming media
Social media—like Buffer, Hootsuite Pro
Video marketing—like YouTube, Vimeo
Email marketing—like MailChimp, Salesforce
Stock photography
Analytics (if you don’t have the internal capacity for measurement)

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3) Public Relations
Media training
Media outreach for events, etc.

4) Printing and Distribution
Bumper stickers
Invite cards
Annual report
Individual ministry print pieces

5) Graphics
Sermon graphics
Motion graphics
Social media images

The amount you budget for each channel will depend entirely on the resources you already have (or don’t have) for each channel and what you will need to outsource.

It also depends very much on the impact you want specific channels to have. Strongly consider putting the most resources toward high-impact channels that will attract and reach the biggest audience—and whose impact can be measured. Digital advertising, digital media and media placements as a result of PR outreach are examples.

Even if your church communications budget can only include a few initiatives, create a budget anyway. It’s wise to do so you can request dollars to help you make an impact toward what you want and need to achieve in the coming year.

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