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How Are Churches Using Twitter?

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How are churches using Twitter?

Twitter, once described as a 140-character micro-blogging platform, maybe better described today as an online news and networking service, can be effective for churches.

Not only can people find churches in their local area via Twitter, but the Twitter feeds of churches also appear in Google search.

Twitter can help churches get found.

But what’s the best way for churches today to make Twitter work for them?

Examining a few examples may afford some ideas for how your church can effectively use Twitter:

I like what this church is doing on Twitter. For one, Southland posts consistently — often, multiple times a day — and to show what’s happening in and around the church.

The church also uses Twitter to showcase by video announcements that were made during service.

But my favorite way Southland uses Twitter is to highlight important points made during weekend services, via video:

Or to emphasize points during the week that were made during weekend services:

The way Southland Church uses Twitter appears to be working well for them.

Just take one look through the amount of likes and retweets for each post, and you can see that they are engaging people via Twitter.

Hillsong Church

This may seem obvious given their 756,000 follower count, but I chose Hillsong Church for a specific reason:

They are using their Twitter feed primarily as an extension of their Hillsong Channel media site.

Though Hillsong does some retweeting of their other Hillsong Twitter accounts, for the most part, this primary account serves to share content from its media channel:

What interests me most about VOUS Church is their use of Periscope. Periscope is Twitter’s live video app.

Churches can now broadcast live video from the Twitter app, which is “powered by Periscope.”

Broadcasting live video (an increasingly popular tactic with increasingly high engagement rates) is an excellent example of how churches can capture more online audiences.

See more of VOUS Church’s Periscope feeds here.

I’d love to hear from you — what are some creative and engaging ways you’ve seen churches using Twitter?

Comment below or share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter (and use #GetFoundGiveHope on Facebook or Twitter).

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