Image - Facebook Launches New Tools to Make It Easier for Nonprofits to Raise Money and Awareness

Facebook’s New Fundraiser Tools Help Nonprofits Raise Money & Awareness

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Facebook launched a set of tools last week designed to help nonprofits “use Facebook more effectively” to achieve goals like raising awareness, activating supporters and raising funds.

The tools give nonprofits the ability to add a “Donate Now” button to their pages and ads.


By enabling this feature, Facebook has encouraged nonprofits to:

Include donation asks in their overall posting strategy
Enable people to make contributions when they visit a nonprofit’s page
Enable active community members to fundraise on behalf of nonprofits directly from Facebook
Find new supporters who care about causes and are interested in charitable giving

Facebook shows here what an example campaign might look like.

Previously, nonprofits would need to post an external link from other fundraising sites in order to accomplish campaign goals. Earlier this year, Facebook began introducing fundraising and campaign awareness features specifically designed for nonprofits.

Though the tools also can be used by general Facebook users, it’s clear that this new offering will give nonprofits more power and control when it comes to raising awareness, generating supporters and funding campaigns. Expect that analytics will become a bigger feature for nonprofits—key for understanding how well (or poorly) a campaign performs. Expect that campaign ad features also will get more robust.

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