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Facebook Will Be ‘All Video’ in 5 Years

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Last week, Facebook EMEA VP Nicola Mendelsohn made a big prediction that in 5 years, the social network will be all video.

“We’ll be closer and closer to virtual reality, and (video) will certainly be more immersive. 360-degree video will feel very common,” she said. “We’re seeing year-on-year decline on text (posts); we’re seeing massive increases in both pictures and video.”


“It’s an era of storytelling. The best way to tell stories in this world where so much information is coming at us, actually is video. Video commands so much more information in a much quicker period. The trend helps us to digest more of the information in a much quicker way,” said Mendelsohn.

The data is clear that video is growing, in terms of its use and in engaging people. On Facebook, daily video views have grown from 1 billion to 8 billion in a year, and live video receives 10 times more comments than pre-recorded video. Mendelsohn also says “people are loving behind-the-scenes content” on Facebook Live.

With this prediction in mind, do you expect that your Christian-based company or Christian organization will do more video, either on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms? It certainly opens up new storytelling opportunities which is ideal for Christian organizations looking to reach and engage people worldwide.

Here is Mendelsohn’s minute-and-a-half long interview.

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