People make decisions more quickly now than ever, thanks to smartphones. The more research people do online, the more opportunities there are to connect with them via good content.

It’s a critical time in our world. People are searching more and more for answers, information, connection, hope. Your organization can help them.

Yet to do so, you need to get found. To get found, you need to have content and promote it well. To give hope, you need to have really good content.

Content must be specific to your audience, meet them wherever they are and be useful. According to think with Google, digital content is done best when it meets a mobile user in a micro-moment: in the exact moment when they are intent to find information, answers, connection, hope.

Having a content marketing strategy for your Christian organization is a good idea in order to meet people where they are and be useful to them—for getting found and giving hope.

Consider that 39% of non-profit donors reported that they look up an organization within 24 hours of seeing a video ad.

39% of non-profit donors reported that they look up an organization within 24 hours of seeing a video ad.think with Google

Most donors—87%—use search on their mobile devices (to which they are nearly always connected), to learn more about the non-profit.

Following search, 75% of donors go to the non-profit’s website to learn more about them before deciding whether or not to give.

For consumers, 60% of smartphone users say that thanks to online research, they make purchase decisions more quickly now than they did a few years ago.

The more research people do online, the more opportunities there are to connect with them.


But for this to happen, people have to find your content in the moments they’re looking and find it to be highly useful. Promote your content well.

Be there. Show up. Get found.

And when you are?

Give value. Be useful. Give hope.

So how do you connect with people in these micro-moments, in the “where” and “when” they’re searching for information, answers, connection, hope?

Here are a few content marketing ideas for your Christian organization:

Create YouTube videos that tell compelling, visual stories of the work you’re doing.

Create super useful webpage content that other sites will want to link to.

Create an extremely useful, frequently-updated Twitter feed.

Create an engaging, informative Facebook page.

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Create YouTube video ads that can be shared across social media channels and in your email marketing.

Create a mobile text-to-give campaign, allowing people to opt-in to mobile text messages.

Create an inspiring and educational Instagram feed.

Create better search engine results for your Christian organization by publishing better, more useful content.

Create a podcast that is engaging to on-the-go listeners and gives them tangible takeaways.

Create an email newsletter.

Create how-to YouTube videos.

The more research people do online, the more opportunities there are to connect with them.think with Google

Create quick bites of valuable content, accompanied by excellent images, and share them across digital platforms.

Create long-form content for websites.

Create a Q&A tweetchat that happens once a week or once a month and answers common questions around specific topics.

Create friction-free areas of your website that make it easy for people to sign up or buy—no hassles whatsoever.

Create awesome sponsored social media posts.

Create an excellent Google My Business listing.

Partner with popular bloggers, invite them to work alongside you in your mission and write about their experience.

Partner with celebrities who are willing to also to work alongside you in your mission and perhaps share photographs of their experience.

Remember, though, that people on mobile devices are in a hurry. So content has to be quick and friction-free. 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs (for example, they can’t find information or the website or app load too slowly).


Friction-free content is important. Remove barriers to accomplishing your mission, to giving hope. Make your call to action very clear (what is the one thing you want people to do?), and make it easy for people to do it. Fix slow-loading websites, too many web form options (all you should need is an email address), disabled auto-complete forms, too many calls to action on a web page, hard-to-read fonts.

Remove barriers to Jesus.

Is your content marketing plan effective? Are you getting found? Are you useful? Are you making it simple for people to do what you want them to do?

The stronger your content marketing strategy, the more your Christian-based organization will be able to get found and give hope—and accomplish your mission.

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