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Check Out How Life.Church Digerati Ship-It Week Creates New Technologies to Reach the World for Christ

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This year’s Ship-It Week—a weeklong build and design technology event by Life.Church Digerati Interactive and Open Network teams—popped up on our radar.

According to their website, the teams had seven days to dream, design, and deploy a new feature or gadget or process that would help the church be even better at leading people to Christ.

MissionFound exists to help churches and Christian organizations better use digital technologies to get found and give hope. So we of course love the concepts from Ship-It Week so much that we had to feature them.

Here are a few of the things they developed this year:

1. The Blue Button – a chat-like website integration that allows church team members or volunteers to talk with people, answer questions, and pray with people in real time. They even created a set of custom premade interactions that can intelligently help people find the pages or answers they need.

2. Augmented Reality – Built with Apple’s new ARKit for iOS 11, the team demoed some cool AR examples: a QR code on a mailer that opens to a video promo for a new series, Shine the Star from the Bible App for Kids helping kids learn a verse, and live signups for the small groups available on Life.Church’s LifeGroups wall at campuses.

3. Church Online Platform Reactions – According to the Life.Church Online team, 90% of people who watch an online service don’t engage with the chat. So they created a heart reaction that people can pop at any point in the service. It’s a fun, colorful interaction that helps bring people one step closer to engaging in an online community. Learn more about doing online ministry with the free Church Online Platform, and fiddle around with the demo for reactions here.

And this is just the beginning. Check out all the amazing technology that came from this year’s Ship-It Week.

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