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4 Google Analytics Dashboards for Your Church

Jill Van Nostran Analytics

The standard reports in Google Analytics can reveal much about your website’s audience. But sometimes, the standard reports don’t give the immediate insights you need.

Using custom Google Analytics dashboards for your church can provide deeper and relevant data and audience insights without any extra digging on your part.

Here are 4 of my favorite custom Google Analytics dashboards for Christian churches. These dashboards aren’t specifically created for churches, but these are dashboards I would recommend for churches:


1. SEO (Not Provided) Report
Want to know more about the (not provided) keywords—the search phrases people use to find your church’s website, but Google hides from you? This custom report offers general insights about the landing page URLs and page titles associated with those keyword phrases. You can add this report to a new, private dashboard if you like, or just keep it in custom reports.

2. Social Media Dashboard
How effective is your church’s social media strategy? This dashboard from Justin Cutroni at Google will help you find out.

3. 70 Facts about Visitors
This dashboard gives a number of basic facts and figures about website visitors—all from one location.

4. Goals and Channels Dashboard
I like this dashboard because it’s focused on goal completions (getting a visitor to sign up for your church newsletter or register for an event, for example). I especially like this dashboard because you can see goal completions by day, by age, by channel grouping (ie organic search, email, social media) by landing page, by desktop or mobile and so on. In other words, you can more easily see which of your marketing channels is most effective.

To add a new dashboard, you can either select the links above and then choose the Google Analytics account view to which you’d like to add your dashboard. Or, in your Google Analytics account, under “Dashboards” on the left, select “New Dashboard” > “Import from Gallery.”

What other dashboards or custom reports would you recommend?

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