Image - 3 Ways Churches Can Drive Website Traffic

3 Ways Churches Can Drive Website Traffic

Jill Van Nostran Digital Strategy

Most of the time, before someone visits your church for the first time, they will visit your website. Visitors want to know things like: service times, address, how childcare is handled, perhaps get directions and even understand what to expect during a service. Usually, people will dig a bit deeper and want to know about the church’s leadership, mission and beliefs.

So how can your church attract more visitors to your website so that you can encourage them to attend a service?


Following are 3 ways churches can drive website traffic:

1. Maximize local SEO. Have a clear address on each of your campus websites. Have a unique Google My Business listing for each campus. Integrate each campus website into your main website as a subdomain or subdirectory so Google can appropriately crawl and index each. People often search for a church’s local website from their mobile device. Make sure they can find your site quickly.

> Optimize for mobile. Along this same line, people need to be able to access your website quickly from their mobile device. Increasingly, more website visitors are coming from mobile devices. I often tell churches and ministries to assume that most visitors will be viewing their website on a mobile device. Therefore, make sure your site works well across mobile devices, loads quickly and especially, people find key information right off the bat.

2. Use sponsored social media posts. When your church shows up in peoples’ newsfeeds, you have more of an opportunity to draw them back to your website. Sponsored social media posts are one way to do this—perhaps highlighting an upcoming sermon series or a sermon that is relevant to today’s issues or conversations.

3. Leverage referral traffic from other websites. Post thought articles on related ministry websites and local media websites. Research the audience you’re trying to reach and the types of websites they are reading. Then determine whether these sites accept outside articles. If they do, familiarize yourself with their content. Then develop an idea or two for an article that would fit well within their content strategy and pitch the idea to the right editor. Strategically placing an article developed by your church on another website often will send quality referral traffic back to your website.

By using these 3 ways churches can drive website traffic, you are likely to increase the number of unique visitors to your website—and increase the number of new visitors to your church as a result.

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