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10 Easy Tools to Optimize Your Ministry’s Website

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An important part of your ministry’s digital presence is a great website—one that is well designed, gives visitors a great experience with simple navigation and performs well.

Yet website performance is often overlooked by busy ministry staff. After all, when it comes to removing barriers to Jesus and giving the world hope, who has time to worry about whether or not the ministry’s website is optimized for mobile?

But remember: Your ministry could serve even more people if you ensure digital barriers are also broken down.

Digital barriers can be things like slow page-loading times, duplicate content, broken links, missing H1 or title tags or more. If they’re significant, digital barriers can get your website blocked from Google search results.

With that in mind, I want to share 10 easy tools to optimize your ministry’s website. These free (or freemium) tools can quickly tell you how your ministry’s website performs and what needs to be fixed:

1. PageSpeed Insights – Make sure your site loads fast

2. Mobile Friendly Test – Check how well your website works for mobile devices

3. Submit Website to Google – Make sure Google knows about your website so it can be indexed for search results

4. Google Webmasters Tools – Use Google’s tools to get found

5. Bing Webmaster Tools – Use Bing’s tools to get found too

6. SEO Site Checkup – Analyze and monitor your site’s SEO

7. Browseo – Check how search engines view your website

8. Website Grader – Identify SEO issues on your website

9. Siteliner – Find duplicate content and broken links

10. Screamingfrog – A program you install on your computer that crawls your website and provides in-depth reporting and analysis

A beautiful, clean website design is wonderful. But if it doesn’t perform well, then it doesn’t matter how great your website looks—it’s just not going to show up in search results.

These 10 simple tools can help your ministry do better search engine optimization so you can get found and give hope.

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